Forum on MASB ED 69 Financial Instruments & IASB ED on Financial Instruments: Amortised Cost & Impairment

25 January 2010

MASB held a forum on MASB ED 69 Financial Instruments & IASB ED Amortised Cost and Impairment with various constituents including financial institutions, other public listed companies, practitioners, analysts and regulators.

The purpose of the forum was to update the constituents, the salient features of these new proposed pronouncements on financial instruments. The forum also highlighted what would be the possible implications to the affected entities should these proposals be implemented in Malaysia.

The forum was chaired by MASB Chairman and also Project Chairman of the working group on financial instruments, Mohammad Faiz and was presented by MASB Technical Director, Tan Bee Leng. The Project Manager of the working group, Chan Hooi Lam, was also part of the panel.