Briefing session on IASB Supplemental Document to the November 2009 IASB Exposure Draft on Financial Instruments: Amortised Cost and Impairment

Briefing session on bond and sukuk valuation by BPA Malaysia and MASB

As part of the MASB initiative to be proactive in helping those applying the forthcoming IFRS on Fair Value Measurement, MASB had invited Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia Sdn Bhd to give a briefing on bond and sukuk valuation. The briefing session was aimed to offer participants an understanding of the mechanics of bond and sukuk valuation and how such valuation information can be applied to meet reporting requirements of financial reporting standards, in the context of the Malaysian market environment.

The briefing was well attended by more than 50 participants comprising representatives from public listed companies, professional accounting bodies, regulators and government agencies, bankers, valuers and academia.