Roundtable on Financial Reporting Framework

The MASB held 9 roundtable sessions on financial reporting with Audit Committee Chairmen of PLCs. In an effort to assist the Audit Committees in their role of ensuring the quality of the financial statements, the roundtable sessions were tailored to update participants on the current financial reporting issues and also, the changes on the horizon.

All sessions was chaired by the MASB Chairman, Dato’ Mohammad Faiz Azmi. He also presented the introduction and an overview of the financial reporting framework in Malaysia. A total of 113 participants attended the sessions from :

  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and Diversified group
  • Property development
  • Telecommunication, Power and REITs
  • Plantation
  • Construction, Transportation and Highway
  • Food, Healthcare and Retail
  • ACE Market