International Forum of Accounting Standard Setters (IFASS) (formerly known as National Standard-setters)

The IFASS is a grouping of national accounting standard-setters from around the world, including other organisations that have a close involvement in financial reporting issues.  The group is chaired by Ms Liesel Knorr, former president of the Accounting Standards Committee of Germany.

IFASS provides a platform for national standard setters to discuss current issues and developments in international financial reporting. The IASB participates in these meetings on equal footing with national standard setters. In addition, the IASB uses IFASS to conduct outreach, especially for queries lodged with the IFRS Interpretations Committee, to gather information on the practical relevance, prevalence, and current practice of potential agenda item requests.

  • Assists participants in carrying out research aimed at the development of improved future accounting standards.
  • Reviews and comments on IASB’s agenda and proposals for changes in international bodies concerned with financial reporting.
  • Provides a forum for an exchange of views and sharing of experience between participants about other issues in financial reporting, including in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

MASB participates in the IFASS meetings and for details of past meetings, please follow the links below: