AOSSG Islamic Finance Working Group

The Asian-Oceanian Standard Setters Group (AOSSG) is a grouping of accounting standard-setters in the Asia-Oceania region. AOSSG is formed in 2009 to discuss issues and share experience on the adoption of IFRS Standards. 

Within the AOSSG are several working groups to provide input into topics that are of importance to the region.  MASB is the Leader for the two AOSSG Specific Topics Working Groups, one of which is the Islamic Finance Working Group. Other members of the Islamic Finance Working Group comprise standard-setters from Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The objective of the Working Group is to facilitate AOSSG members by providing input and feedback to the IASB on the adequacy and appropriateness of proposed and existing IFRS Standards to Islamic financial transactions and events.

The Working Group produces a number of publications about applying IFRS Standards to Islamic financial transactions and provide comments on IASB consultation documents. Click AOSSG’s publications and Submission to IASB to view the publication and comments letters respectively.